Glory To God In The Highest

“We have seen incredible things today.” To be able to make that statement would be an ultimate description of your day. But we are totally unaware that God is working all around us every day and most times we are just oblivious.

When the four friends brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus they never imagine all of the things that would be involved to get him there. Just carrying him must have been a chore but then to get there and then realize they couldn’t get close so they took tiles off of the roof and lowered the man down in front of Jesus. He forgave the man’s sins and healed him. It was so amazing that they all glorified God at what had happened.

Many times we look for the big things we want God to do but we forget about all of the little things every day that he provides. I woke up this morning. I had clothes to wear, food to eat, heat in the house to be warm. I have a car that brought me to work. I have a job that I enjoy and a work environment that is nice. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and two great kids. I have extended family that loves me and friends who are in my life. I am very blessed, but I admit that most days I go through my day and every recognize that those are incredible things God does for me every day.

“I am astonished and I will glorify God. I am in awe of all of the incredible things He does for me every day.” (Luke 5)

Author: Karen Epp

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