Jesus’ Faithfulness


Jesus is being followed by a huge crowd of people. The people brought their friends who were lame, blind, deformed, deaf, as well as other health issues so that they could have an encounter with Jesus. The Bible says they brought them to his feet and he cured them. The people were glorifying God.

Then Jesus has compassion on the people. He speaks with the disciples about finding a way to feed them because they were hungry and some will have a problem travelling back to their homes because of this. The people were not complaining but Jesus saw their need. The disciples are totally “realistic” as they tell Jesus that they can’t get any food out there in the desert. But Jesus takes what they have-7 little loaves of bread and a few fish and give thanks and is able to feed everyone. They even have leftovers which fill 7 baskets.

During Advent we can practice compassion as we saw Jesus model it for us. There is the mission that feeds the homeless, giving to children of soldiers who are not home for the holidays, giving to the food banks, the lists are huge. We just need to look around us and see where we can show the compassion of Christ during this Christmas season.

Author: Karen Epp

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