Justice and Faithfulness

Who is the coming Messiah?  Everyone had an idea of what the world would be like when he came, but very few recognized him when he did come.

Isaiah 11 give us a list of the attributes of this coming Messiah.

1.        The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him.

2.        He will have a Spirit of wisdom and understanding.

3.        He will have a Spirit of counsel and strength.

4.        He will have a Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

5.        He will live by the fear of the Lord and he will judge fairly not my someone’s appearance or on hearsay.

6.       He will judge the poor fairly and by his very words he will strike down the ruthless and the wicked.

There are two words that describe the Messiah-justice and faithfulness.  These two attributes of God can be exemplified in our lives.  We can seek justice for the downtrodden, the poor or the sick.  We can also be faithful to our spouses, our children and our jobs.

During this Advent season, let’s show justice and faithfulness in everything we do. We can show others that the Messiah did come and we are showing Him to others through us.

Author: Karen Epp

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