Daniel’s Vision

Daniel’s vision of heaven is so vivid that even though we didn’t actually see it, we can imagine it though his words.

Amazing animals:
A lion with eagle’s wings, standing on 2 feet
A bear with tucks for teeth
A leopard with 4 wings like a bird and 4 heads
A beast unknown to man that was so horrible and having immense strength, great teeth and 10 horns with the eyes of a man on each horn

Thrones were set up:
The Ancient One sat on his throne. His clothing was white as snow, his hair was white like wool. There were flames of fire coming from his throne and it was on wheels of burning fire. Thousands upon thousands were ministering to him.

Court convened and the books were opened. The beast was judged and killed and his body was thrown in the fire. The Son of Man comes to the throne of the Ancient One and is presented. He is given dominion, glory and kingship. All nations and peoples from every language serve him. His kingship is forever.

Bless the Lord and give glory and eternal praise to Him. Daniel 3

Author: Karen Epp

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