Under the Influence


A new king is in charge. King Belshazzar gives a banquet for a thousand people. The Bible says he drank and was under the influence of the wine. He then orders the pillage that his father King Nebuchadnezzar had taken from the Temple in Jerusalem be brought out and he puts wine in them for the guests to drink from. They praised all of their gods that they worshipped.

Suddenly. God does many things for the dramatic effect and mostly because it is unexpected it happens “suddenly.” A hand appears and begins writing words on the wall. King Belshazzar goes into immediate detox with all of the shaking his body could do. He sobers very quickly.

Daniel is brought in to interpret the writing. Daniels has a “no holds barred” approach and tells the king everything. “You rebelled against God. You used sacred vessels from the Temple in Jerusalem for your guests to drink from. You praised your gods of wood and stone not realizing that the God of heaven gives you the life breath you have.” On that very night everything was taken from King Belshazzar.

Sometimes we live like King Belshazzar. We worship our gods of money, power, family, wealth or status. We live like we are in charge. We forget that the God of Heaven gives us our very life. There is a number of days set for our lives and we do not want to reach the end of our days failing to love God and follow Him. Do we live under the influence of our stuff or are we under the influence of the God of Heaven?

Author: Karen Epp

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