Where is Your Kingdom?

Everyone likes a Cinderella story. Girls want to grow up and be a princess and guys want to grow up and rule kingdoms. As children, those make believe fantasies are fun but when we become adults reality should be how we live. We are not princesses and we don’t inherit kingdoms. Once we realize that make believe isn’t happening so often we try to make our own kingdoms. Guys want to own their own companies and make millions of dollars. Girls want to be the most beautiful and become movie stars and find their rich prince. This plays out in some form every day and in many people’s lives but as we see in Daniel 2 in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream each kingdom had weaknesses and they eventually crumble.

“But the God of heaven will set up a kingdom…” This is a perfect kingdom. It will never be destroyed. Jesus also told of “a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down.” We will be part of this kingdom and it is not make believe.

So often we spend our lives living in the make believe world. We will see someone famous that “has it all” then then their kingdom crumbles and we realize it was make believe. We have the opportunity to change that history. If we realize that we will one day be part of God’s glorious kingdom and that it is not make believe but real. We can change our lives to reality with purpose and a mission. We no longer have to live in a make believe world but our grown up lives are based in the reality of God’s love and purpose.

Author: Karen Epp

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