Mammoth Cave Blindness

It is hard to imagine being totally blind. If there were degrees of illnesses or infirmities, I would prefer deafness over blindness. The closest I ever came to that feeling of blindness was when we visited Mammoth Cave and part of the tour is to take you way inside of the cave and turn out all of the lights for a minute and you then understand what blindness is and you are so thankful when they turn the lights back on.

In Luke 18, Jesus encounters a blind man on the way to Jericho. If you were blind in those days your lot in life was to be a beggar. This man is sitting by the road and hears the crowd coming and inquiries into what is going on. When he is told Jesus of Nazareth is passing by his whole demeanor changes. He is no longer shaking his cup for change but he begins to yell “Jesus, Son of David have pity on me.” People told him to be quiet but he only got louder and Jesus hears him. In the midst of all of that noise Jesus heard the voice of this one man and says bring him to me. I always smile when Jesus asks a person what do you want me to do for you? This man said, “Lord please let me see” and Jesus said “your faith has saved you” and immediately his sight was returned and he followed Jesus and all of the people gave praise to God.

Jesus heard this man’s cry for help and he restored his sight but if it had been just a physical healing he would have turned and went home, but he was also healed spiritually as he stayed and followed Jesus. We also note that all of the people were excited about the healing for this one blind man. We can rejoice when someone is healed spiritually and healed physically because God heard their cry for help and they heard his question “what can I do for you?”

Author: Karen Epp

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