Jesus is travelling through Samaria and Galilee and meets ten lepers. They follow the correct protocol by staying a distance from the crowd and yelled to Jesus to have pity on them. Jesus just seems to casually say “go show yourself to the priest” which was the procedure to follow if you were cured of an illness and to be allowed back into society. The Bible says “as they were going they were healed.” One of the lepers realized what had happened and returned to Jesus to thank him for his healing.

Ten lepers were healed but only one was truly thankful and he was also given salvation plus his healing. The nine received physical healing but not a spiritual healing.

We live in an ungrateful world. We hear daily about acts of narcissistic behavior and we are not surprised. We encounter people who have the idea that it is all about themselves. Yet every day we receive gifts from our heavenly Father who heals us, it may not be from cancer or heart disease but did the bruise or cut heal? You received healing. Were you grateful to God for your “little” healing? Gratefulness is tied to our heart attitude and when we recognize the goodness of God to us each and every day it should produce thankfulness and we return to God and say “thank you.”

Author: Karen Epp

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