Go The Extra Mile

Jesus taught the disciples many life lessons that are still relevant today.  In Luke 17, He tells of a rich man who has servants that work hard for him.  The servants work in the fields all day and when they come into the house in the evening he demands that they cook his supper.  The rich man does not offer seats at his table for his hard working servants and he does not let them eat with him, they must eat later.

Jesus asks the question, “Is the man grateful to the servant because he did what was commanded?”  We are like the servants and Jesus said if we ask the question our reply should be “we are unprofitable servants because we have done only what we were obligated to do.”

So many time we only do the minimum and the minimum is only what is required.  What if we do a little bit more?  It never hurts to help others.  Can we find things to do that require only a minimum and we do a little bit extra?  Especially as we enter the Thanksgiving season, what are we doing that is a little bit more than the minimum?

Author: Karen Epp

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