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The inventors of the original pedometer 50 years ago suggested 10,000 steps and now researchers have concluded that’s about right.  You don’t have to do it in a programmed way, any steps will do.  I wear a fit bit so I can keep a record of my daily steps. If I make it to 10,000 steps, I consider it a good day.

After reading today’s epistle, the Apostle Paul might recommend a greeting counter.  He asks Phoebe to greet 33 different people.

Unlike his former colleagues, Paul views relationships as a part of being a trustworthy servant in God’s household.   Counting or monetizing disciples seems contrary to the Gospel.    People are not stepping stones to a bigger platform but partners in God’s kingdom.

Relationships are a big deal with Paul.   Paul asks the Roman church to “greet one another with a holy kiss” (Romans 16:9).   He refers to his fellow cellmates, Andronicus and Junia, as “my relatives.”   Paul refers to the Romans as “members of one other” and as his “brothers and sisters.”

In Luke 16:9-16, Jesus explains how you treat your relationships is tied to your heart (and your pocketbook).

Jesus said to his disciples:  “I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.”     Jesus concludes: “The person who is

  1. trustworthy in very small matters is also
  2. trustworthy in great ones, and the person who is dishonest in very small matters
    is also dishonest in great ones.  If, therefore, you are not
  3. trustworthy with dishonest wealth,  who will
  4. trust you with true wealth?  If you are not
  5. trustworthy with what belongs to another,”

In Roman 16, Paul refers to wealthy Phoebe,  who hand-delivered the epistle and “has been a benefactor to many and to me as well.”  Unlike the Pharisees who loved the best seats in society, several of Paul’s good friends, Aquilla and Priscilla “risked their necks for his life” and Andronicus and Junia served time with Paul.   Instead of worshipping in the temple like the Pharisees, for the first 300 years, the early church worshipped in homes.  Paul names Gaius as the host of the Roman house church.  Finally, Paul recognized seven women for their service.    He refers to Phoebe as a  minister;  Priscilla was a teacher;  Mary, Tryphaena, and Tryphosa, and Persis worked hard and Junia was an apostle (an apostle in the 1st wasn’t as clearly defined as it is today).

Serving God translates into serving one another.

Using people is contrary to the Gospel.   Its a betrayal of the kingdom code of ethics.

Next time you take out your meet and greet counter, ask yourself if you are building on God’s Foundation.



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