Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Paul told the Christians in Rome that he was convinced they were full of goodness, filled with knowledge and able to admonish one another. Sounds like a good report card. He encouraged them not to just take those things that they had learned but to tell others of the Gospel of God. Paul said he was so focused on his calling to share the gospel with the Gentiles that he could do nothing else. He recognized that when a person comes to Christ they see the power of signs and wonders and of the Holy Spirit. They are different. It is a dramatic change.

David reminded us in Psalm 98, “to sing to the Lord a new song for he has done wondrous deeds.” We have received salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ but it is not a secret club or code where you don’t tell anyone but it is to proclaim to everyone you see what God has done for you.

We know that we have the love of God living in us because of Jesus and how can we remain silent. We must tell the world.

Author: Karen Epp

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