Love Changes the Way We Think

Paul tells us in Romans 13, Owe no one anything but love.  When you first read the verse it furrows your brow and you wonder how that sentence really goes together.

Most of us seek to follow the Ten Commandments.  The laws of our country have their basis in those commandments.  We are not under the “spiritual” law but we do live under the “civil” laws.   Thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet are the ones that Paul lists.  They are not the only ones we need to follow but if you take a deeper look at just these you realize that if these commandments are broken you didn’t love.  You took someone’s spouse and tore up their family when you committed adultery.  That was not true love.  When you kill you take the life of a person someone loved -a mother, father, brother or sister.  That was not real love, it is hate.  When you steal, you violate a person’s space by stealing what belongs to them.  You took what made them feel safe and that isn’t love.  When you covet what someone else has, you don’t think life is fair for you and your wanting what they have is not love.

But the summation of the law is to “Love you neighbor as yourself.”  If you love people it isn’t hard to keep the commandments or our civil laws.  To love someone you hate takes supernatural power.  When hate festers in your heart it dominates your life and your thoughts.  It keeps you apart from God.  God is love.  He gives us the power to love and not hate.  Today don’t try to keep the Ten Commandments, try to love and see if it changes your mind.

Author: Karen Epp

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