Do You Have the Gift of Mercy?

Many churches talk about knowing your spiritual gifts. They have classes to help you discover your personal spiritual gifts. One gift that I think everyone has but is not readily recognized is the gift of mercy. Mercy is an attribute of God. He is a merciful God and as God’s children we can learn to show mercy as we see God show mercy.

We are by our sinful nature disobedient, just ask any parent who has raised a two year old, but we receive God’s mercy just as we show mercy to our children . We must then take the next step as we have been shown mercy, we must now show mercy to others. They can see the mercy of God and receive his forgiveness by the example of mercy we show.

Jesus showed mercy. He had mercy of all who came to him either for healing or forgiveness. Jesus gave mercy. He also gave us an example in his teaching on how to show mercy. Mercy involves doing something for someone else and not expecting anything back in return. Jesus said if you hold a lunch or dinner invite guests who cannot repay you back. This shows your merciful heart and the heart of God.

Today find someone who needs mercy and show them God through your actions.

Author: Karen Epp

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