What is Your Passion?


What is your hot button? What cause gives you passion? We all have something that we are passionate about. The Apostle Paul was so passionate about sharing the gospel that he was wiling be to cut off from Christ for the sake of other people hearing about Jesus Christ. He felt like people just wanted to hang on to their traditions instead of giving up all to find Christ. Paul devoted his life to sharing the gospel.

Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me. Jesus had to spend so much time defending why he would heal the sick. It does not seem to be something that needed an explanation but yet the religious leaders would become so hostile if he healed on the Sabbath day and if they had a dire situation happen in their family they would ‘work’ to correct the problem on the Sabbath.

Jesus wanted them and us to know that we can have a zillion rules to follow but the rules don’t change what is in our hearts. Our heart is only changed when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today be a sheep and follow The Shephe

Author: Karen Epp

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