What’s Your Proof?

Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Faith Hill, Steve Jobs, John Hancock and Nat King Cole are only a few of famous people who were adopted.

Did I forget to mention the entire body of Christ is adopted?

Adoption is purely gratuitous.   In biblical jargon, adoption is pure grace.   When the early church baptized, it referred to its candidates, regardless of age, as ‘infantes’ and recieved new names like  Adeptus, Regeneratus, Renatus, Deigenitus, and Theogonus.

The Apostle Paul refers to the “spirit of adoption.” In Luke 13, Paul’s, Dr. Luke refers to a woman who has had a “spirit of an infirmity for 18 years bent over unable to stand.”

There is a spirit of infirmity and a spirit of adoption.

Jesus, as Paul later wrote, fulfilled God’s promise to Abraham and conferred to the previously bent over woman the spirit of adoption. Her healing signaled what was to come just as Lazarus’ resurrection served as a foretaste of the resurrection of Christ.

Jesus says to us and to that woman, “you are set free of your infirmity.”

Lest you feel too warm inside, Paul refers to our “Abba Father” relationship in the context of creation’s groans. Nature isn’t all that sentimental. Watch the Nature Channel for a few minutes.

Paul refers to nature’s groaning for redemption. As members of creation, we groan too. As the adopted children of God, we also have the right to cry out “Abba, Father.”

After 18 years of bondage, instead of a feeling of abandonment, as a child of God, her heart testified with God’s heart that she was a child of God. The “why” of her existence had been answered by Jesus of Nazareth.

Every child of God has his/her proof of their adoptions. Walking to the synagogue without pain or fear was this woman’s proof.

What is yours?

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