Adopted into the Family

The process of adoption is not easy. It is first the realization that you will not be able to have a child of your own through some physical situation. Then the paperwork and the waiting time period hoping for a baby to adopt. Sometimes it is getting to the very moment of picking up your new baby at the hospital and the birth mother changes her mind.

In some ways the Christian life is like the adoption process. We live in a fallen world and our bodies are fallen and we will eventually die. But we have hope that like the parents wanting a child they will someday receive that child they wanted. The Bible uses this picture of adoption often in the New Testament to remind us of our position in God’s family. He wanted us. And sometimes we go through the whole process and turn Him down. He doesn’t give up on us. He begins he process again.

In hope we were saved (Romans 8). If we hope for what we can see it is not hope. It is true hope to wait for what we cannot see and to do so with great anticipation and endurance. We don’t get to choose our lives. We are born to a set of parents in a particular location and we grow up. We do not know how long our life will be. It could be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 years, but however much time we are given by God we live with the hope that through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we can be adopted into God’s family and as his children we can have hope that one day we will see him face to face. We will have the ultimate family reunion. Can you imagine all of the kids that were adopted by God into his family and we get to finally meet each other one day. It will be a great day.

Author: Karen Epp

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