Set Free

There was a woman who the Bible says was crippled by a spirit.  It says it bent her over so far that she could not stand erect.  Jesus saw her and called her to him and said, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.”  He laid hands on her and she stood up straight.  She was set free.

The leader of the synagogue become indignant that Jesus healed her on the Sabbath.  He said Jesus had 6 other days during the week to heal just don’t do it on the Sabbath.  Jesus reminded them that they take care of their cattle on the Sabbath by feeding and watering them and Jesus reminded them that humans are more important than their animals.

We are also quick to condemn this leader of the synagogue but we do the very same thing in our churches today.  If we hear that there is a revival somewhere and people are coming to Christ we will find something to criticize about it.  In our churches today we can make people feel unwelcome just by a look.  You can walk into the back of the church looking for a place to sit and if someone is already in the pew you can sense if they want you to sit there or not.  We judge denominations by the songs they sing, by the way they order their services, by if they speak in tongues or not, or by their method of taking communion.  We judge everyone instead of looking for the person who may just need a touch from Jesus and He might show up on Sunday and heal her.

As Jesus said when Satan binds someone for 18 years shouldn’t she be set free from her bondage.  So many times we put more chains on people who come just to be set free from the ones that are binding them.

Author: Karen Epp

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