Called to be Holy

Romans 1 begins “Paul a slave of Christ Jesus called to be an Apostle.” The word “slave” has a totally negative connotation. Many slaves throughout the course of history were treated horribly. Today children taken into slave trade by human trafficking is the very worst of humanity on display. The very act of another human being forcing someone to be a slave is unspeakable and yet Paul describes himself as a slave of Jesus Christ. If we can imagine ourselves as a slave to Christ Jesus we change. We view life differently. First, it takes away our selfishness. We are bent to be self-centered but if we realize we are a slave to Jesus Christ, we reflect what our Master wants us to be. Secondly, we will try to please our Master. The job assigned to us is what we can do best and we seek to do it the best every day. Thirdly, it helps us to become holy and we receive grace and peace as we serve Him.

Most importantly we realize that being a slave to Jesus Christ is not a horrible place to be. He is our protector, supplier of our needs, our teacher, He gives us faith, we are the beneficiary of his promises and He is the provider of our salvation. We are not his slaves but his adopted children. We are safe. We are in the most perfect place because we are his beloved and called to be holy as He is holy



Author: Karen Epp

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