Persistence in Prayer

Persistence in Prayer

Jesus teaches a life lesson on friendship and prayer. If you have a friend and need something that you cannot obtain yourself you would ask your friend to help you. But what if your friend finds excuses not to help you? What do you do? Jesus said that in most cases we will continue to ask our friend for help. We won’t give up. Jesus said that the friend gave in not because they were friends but because of persistence.

Jesus reminds us that many times prayer takes on the role of persistence. We ask, seek and knock to receive the answer. Jesus reminds us that prayer is speaking to our Father and He wants to help us, to give us what we need. He doesn’t give us evil things when we ask, he wants to give us good gifts.

We cannot even fathom how much God wants to give us because we are his children. Many times we will stop asking a friend for help if they refuse. But God our Father wants to help us because he is our father and want to give us good gifts because he is also our friend. We must ask to receive, seek to find and knock for the door to open. How many times do we give up after one time. Persistence in prayer is what we need to do. God loves us and wants to help us.


Author: Karen Epp

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