A Church of a Thousand Doors

Chesterton also quipped, “Those knocking on the door of a brothel, are seeking God.”

Malachi 3 speaks about a generation of practical atheists who expect a house with no lights and a door bell unplugged. But one day God’s house lights will shine brightly.

Mankind never stops knocking. We are wired to knock. When God provides friendship, it’s His way of pointing us to the example of all friendships, the Holy Trinity.

Solomon knocked on a thousand doors. At journeys end, He learned the key to life is to “fear God and keep His commandments. King Solomon discovered the meaning of Psalm 1.

Knocking on heavens door, to borrow Bob Dylan’s line, is shorthand for a release of God’s Spirit.

Jesus said, “How much more will the Holy Spirit be given to those those keep on knocking (Luke 11).”

Author: gbradepp

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