Will God Relent?

Will God Relent and Change a Situation

The king of Nineveh repented for the nation. He made a decree and concluded with “who knows, God may relent and forgive.” We know that God saw their actions and did stop the judgement against their evil ways that he had planned.

Martha faced a different dilemma as she felt burdened preparing the meals for Jesus and his disciples while her sister Mary sat beside Jesus listening to him speak. She wanted Jesus to relent and speak to Mary.

Many times in my life I have wanted God to relent and change my circumstances. Sometimes it feels like the mountain lifted and I could see what God wanted me to learn, and sometimes like Martha I heard “you are anxious and worried about many things but you only need one thing and that is to focus on Me.”

God never promised an easy life but He promised to be with us as we go through life. He has instructed us to repent of our sins and turn back to Him and maybe He will relent but if the circumstances never change, worrying about them does not help. If I change my focus back to God change does happen. It happens in my heart.

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Author: Karen Epp

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