The Word of the Lord.  Thanks be to God.

When you read books like Nehemiah, the Word of the Lord pricks your heart.  My thoughts were, would any church in America have a Sunday service like happened in Nehemiah 8?

Everyone gathered.  Men, women, and children old enough to understand met in an open space to hear Ezra read the Law of Moses.  He read from daybreak until noon and ALL of the people listened intently.  As he opened the scroll the people stood and they blessed the Lord.  When they heard the Scriptures they were sad and wept.  Their hearts were made tender towards God.  Ezra said to them “this is not a sad day but a  holy day.”  They ate together with a potluck meal and celebrated with great joy that they understood the Word that was read to them that day.

Just hearing God’s Word brought revival to their hearts.  It wasn’t that Ezra delivered a great powerful sermon, he read Scripture.  The Word was powerful and brought change to people’s heart.   On this coming Sunday, leave your watch at home, leave your cell phone in the car and lose track of time. Just listen to the Word as it is read and test to see if your heart is pricked and that God may speak to you and give you direction for your life.

Author: Karen Epp

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