The King Granted My Requests

The King Granted My Requests

Nehemiah was a man who knew God. They talked. Nehemiah was a slave in a foreign country who did not succumb to pressure to conform but he retained his integrity. He didn’t blame anyone for his situation. He trusted God with his situation.

When he had his conversations with the king that day and the king asked him what was wrong, he didn’t know if that might be his last day on earth because when you served in the king’s presence your needs were never to be expressed. If the king had chosen he could have been executed. Yet God showed him favor-he granted Nehemiah a leave of absence to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls and gates that were crumbling down. The king sent letters of recommendation which would allow him safe passage. “The king granted my requests, for the favoring hand of God was upon me.”

We don’t often think that God will use “non-Christians” to help Christians. To receive that kind of intervention it takes a close walk with God. It takes hearing the Father’s voice and you become so close that you know the Father’s heart so much so that when you are asked “What do you need?” you already know and have the boldness to say what is needed. And your request is granted. It would be awesome to see those kind of requests be asked and granted on a national scale in our world today.

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Author: Karen Epp

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