There is a lot of interest in angels these days.  Church and unchurched people have an interest.  We know that Lucifer (Satan) was an angel who led a rebellion in heaven to take over and destroy God.  The battle that ensued caused one third of the angel population to be removed from heaven and they became the demonic power on the earth.  We know that the Satan’s demise was put into final action with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave.  The power of sin was destroyed and we have an advocate with the heavenly father on our behalf against the accusations of Satan about us.  He knows he will one day fight his last battle and he will not win but will be thrown into the Hell forever.

There are also angels spoken about in scripture.  We know of Michael the archangel and Gabriel who spoke with Mary.  We know that angels do battle in the unseen heavenly world.  David said “in the presence of angels I will sing your praise.”  “Bless the Lord all you angels you ministers who do his will.”

God had given us a small glimpse into the heavenly realm.  We know that Satan and his demons are seeking to destroy any inroads that God makes in our world.  We also know that there are angels sent by God to do battle for the very lives of men.  We don’t give angels more power than they deserve but we also respect that they are given jobs to do by God.  We may never get to see an angel or angels like Elisha did at a battle (II Kings 6) but it doesn’t diminish the role that God has them plANGLELSay in his plan.  We may even entertain angels unaware.

Author: Karen Epp

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