Hugh Hefner and Herod

Hugh Hefner is dead at 91.  Like many, when I heard the news I prayed for his soul.

Did he seek God at the end?  We can only hope.  His pleasure-seeking lifestyle created an emptiness in his soul.  He admitted to sleeping with over 1000 women and yet not able to find his soul mate.   It’s hard to estimate how much evil he introduced to the world.   We think of the brutality of Hitler and now Kim Jong-un, but Heffner was equally as evil.

The Gospels describe another evil man in King Herod.  Luke presents Herod as perplexed and hoping meet Jesus face to face.   He will connect with Jesus’ as one the rulers to opposes the light (cf. 1:52-3; 13:31-33).

Like Hefner, King Herod liked to party (cf. Matthew 14).  While some kings hearts are pliable (King Cyrus, cf. Proverbs 21:1),  King Herod, like his father Herod the Great, was a stone cold immoral murderer.   He killed John the Baptist and his son Herod Agrippa killed James the Apostle.

Fr. Alfonse says it well:  “King Herod was a robot, a lifeless creature that was little by little, inch by inch, being moved and swayed by his enemies, his family and his darkest thoughts. Herod was your typical party animal! Vanity of vanities (Eccl 1:2-11). He kept trying to see him. But how?There were too many masks on his face.”

King Herod and his family left a trail of blood.  So did Hugh Hefner and his family.  Think of the moral decay, the millions of abortions and ruined lives this moral monster spawned.

God have mercy on all of us.  Ask God to peel away the masks that keep us from seeing Jesus.



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