Has Anyone Seen Ezra?

Do we have an Ezra today?  A man of God who prays, fasts, mourns, and repents for the nation before God.  Ezra was not afraid to name their sins stating that they had done wicked deeds and they were guilty.  He acknowledged that it had gone on for generations.  He gives compelling order for their guilt.  It came down from kings, the religious leaders and then to the people. They were all guilty. Their sins allowed them to be taken into captivity and to suffer pillage and disgrace.

But God in his mercy loved them and showed them grace.  God used an enemy king to allow and finance the rebuilding of the Temple.  God recognized their years of servitude and gave them new life.

God grants all of us new life through his son Jesus Christ. Who today stands and pleads for our nation that God would show us mercy?  Will we repent of our sins and be drawn back to Him?  Hear our prayers O God today.

Author: Karen Epp

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