This Little Light of Mine

Jesus could be very clear and also have a sense of humor when he taught. He said on one occasion that no one lights a lamp and then puts a cover over it or hides it under a bed. It is put on a table so that everyone can benefit from the light. Even the youngest of children know what Jesus was saying.

In the book of Ezra, we see an example of being a light but also hearing what God wants you to do and what he wants you to be. King Cyrus made a decree that there was going to be a rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. He charged that everyone could go back to Jerusalem and work on this from the priests to the common man. But it was for “everyone who God inspired to do so.” They were the ones who went. (Ezra 1)

Everyone has a light to shine. It maybe the size of a birthday candle light or it could be as bright as a flood light. We are to let that light shine to point the way for others to find God. If we have ears that hear what God says, we become the very best light. It isn’t always that we run with everyone else to the same place and it congregates a huge light all at the same time, God may want you to stay right where you are to be his one light in a very dark place. Each light has value in the darkness and we must be careful not to compare out lights with others but to listen to hear what God is telling us and let our light shine brightly where God wants it to be.

Author: Karen Epp

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