Lives Matter

673,000 babies have been aborted this year in the US, 1500 today.  Black, white, brown lives matter but what about these daily murders?

And yet I still salute this flag!

Why?  I

I think it’s a matter of giving our forefathers a thumbs up!  My dad served in World War Two. When I salute his service and millions like him,   I remember their patriotism and service.

Don’t get me wrong, my allegiance to my country is not nearly as important as my allegiance to the one, holy, and apostolic Church.  I swear allegiance to the Rock and to the foundation built by Jesus.  As Jesus requested, I give to Caesar, in this case, the USA it’s due.

In my mind, saluting the flag is one area I give unto Caesar.

Failure to salute the flag is nothing new to the USA.    Remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ raised fists in the 1968 Olympics?   We have a new generation of Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’ with a message the Church desperately needs to hear.

The ultimate solution to unrest is another Acts 2!   God breaks down all the old ways of seeing and hearing and gives us fresh senses.

Author: gbradepp

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