Heaven as a Playground

“It is not only possible to say a great deal in praise of play; it is really possible to say the highest things in praise of it. It might reasonably be maintained that the true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground. To be at last in such secure innocence that one can juggle with the universe and the stars, to be so good that one can treat everything as a joke—that may be, perhaps, the real end and final holiday of human souls. When we are really holy we may regard the Universe as a lark.”
G.K. Chesterton, “All Things Considered.”

Dale Ahlquist, one-time brother in law of Christian rocker, Larry Norman, who now heads the American Chesterton Society writes:

In this age of Puritanism and Hedonism, Chesterton’s view of the seven deadly sins seems the ultimate in paradox. Unlike the pleasure-seeking hedonists, Chesterton believed in the reality of sin. Unlike the prohibition-minded Puritans, he believed in enjoying God’s pleasures to the full.

Ahlquist believes Chesterton taught us seven things,

1. to believe wholeheartedly in sex but not to believe in lust.
2. to pursue leisure passionately but not to pursue laziness.
3. to defend private property and to attack the sin of greed.
4. to think that fighting is often right but that wrath is always wrong.
5. to know that having a rival is a good thing and that envying a rival is a bad thing.
6. to do everything to promote festivity and everything to avoid gluttony.
7. to strive to be good while striving not to be proud.
To Chesterton, in short, “Salvation is not negative, but highly positive.”

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