How Great are the Works of the Lord

How Great Are The Works of the Lord

The world does not understand Christians and their devotion to God. It is a mystery to them. Jesus compared this to the treatment John the Baptist received because they thought he was demon possessed. They said Jesus was a drunkard and glutton. None of these accusations were true but it confirms that they did not understand what it meant to follow God. They did say he was a friend of sinners which was a good thing because He can to redeem sinners so that we could become his friends and children of God.

The church and the “household of God” are built on a foundation that is living. It’s very pillars are truth. The church is undeniably great. It may be hard to explain the majesty and glory of God or that He is gracious and merciful to all, but we know this is true because we have encountered the love of God and we know who He is and how powerful He is. We are also very humbled that we are called his children and are partakes in the everlasting life He give to us

Author: Karen Epp

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