A Blameless Heart

I will walk with a blameless heart

Do you ever wonder what moves God’s heart? Scripture gives us glimpses but it seems to revolve around our heart issues. Jesus had compassion on a widow lady from Nain whose son had died and she had no one. Jesus raises him from the dead and gives him back to his mother. The people who saw this miracle were afraid, but they glorified God and said “God has visited his people.” God saw into the deep sorrow of the woman’s heart but everyone who saw the miracle had their hearts moved because they recognized God’s miracle.

David knew he must guard his heart. He had to weigh mercy against judgment. He had to preserve his integrity. He wanted to walk with a blameless heart and it even begins at home. How our heart attitudes manifest at home will become evident when we are in public. When the church was being organized, Paul enumerated the biblical qualities of pastors and deacons and how they conducted their hearts was a factor that determined if they were a good fit for the calling.

It is always about our heart. Sometimes God can fix it with a repair surgery and sometimes we just need a total heart transplant. We need to have the spiritual surgery so that we can show mercy and grace to others.

Author: Karen Epp

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