A Sure Foundation

Paul was one who would encourage the churches through his letters back to them. His letter to the Colossians was a reiteration of what he had taught them and what his hours in prayer for them had burdened him to share with them.

He told them that now that they are in Christ, they were to walk in him, they were rooted in him, they were built upon him and finally they were established in faith. And on top of all of that, they were to abound in thanksgiving. These images established a sure foundation for their faith. They had a good root system that wouldn’t be uprooted during a difficult storm. The foundation of their lives were built now upon Jesus Christ so it was solid and they walked with Him. It just wasn’t all of the unseen parts of their lives that were good, they now had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paul then takes it to another level. He warns them that they will be subject to others trying to seduce them back to their old life but to remember that in them now dwells the very fullness of God. We share in that same rich heritage. We were once dead and now we are alive. Our sins have been forgiven. They were nailed to the cross and through the shed blood of Jesus. We are now a part of his family.

Jesus is our sure foundation. He chose us to be his sons and daughters. Through his death and resurrection we are also part of the what Paul taught the Colossian believers. We have an abundant life.

Author: Karen Epp

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