Wounded Healers

What causes hatred for one another in the body of Christ? If the truth were really known there is a swath of wounded people from “church” wounds as large as the swath of Hurricane Irma. Many people feel like they did the justified thing in correcting another believer just because they didn’t do their “church” thing like they did their “church” thing. There was a county in Tennessee that at one time had over 900 Baptist churches and I am sure many of them have the very same doctrinal statement but have nothing to do with each other because of some petty reason.

Jesus encounters the “church” leaders who are just looking for a reason to kick him out of the “church”. The man with the withered hand is in the audience and Jesus knows the dilemma that whatever he does is going to create a storm. Jesus doesn’t back down and he publically heals the man’s hand. Why couldn’t everyone be happy and excited that this man now has the use of both of his hands. No, they became so angry that they had a meeting to try to decide what to do with Jesus.

If you are one of the “church” wounded, look for Jesus. He still wants to heal you. He alone can heal those wounds and scars. Be like the man with the withered hand and be restored to the body of Christ.

Author: Karen Epp

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