Small Things Matter

Sometimes it is the little things that make the most impact on our lives. The Bibles reminds us to see God working all around us, and most times it is the little everyday things that we take for granted.

Bethlehem is a small little town. It seems to be very insignificant in the big picture of history, but prophetically it is mentioned as the future place of the birth of Jesus (Micah 1). Today, we all know about Bethlehem. It is where the Christmas story happens and we sing Christmas carols about Bethlehem.

What seems small and insignificant in our lives may be what we will be remembered for after our death. Will we be like Mary who was totally surrendered to God and willing to be the mother of Jesus? She may have thought she was insignificant growing up but she will always be remembered for her willingness to be the mother of Jesus. Will we be like Joseph who followed God’s words to him and protected Mary from shame and was given the task to be the earthly father to Jesus? He never knew when he was growing up that he would have a significant part in the life of the Messiah.

Jesus’ name means Emmanuel or “God with us.” Because we are in Christ, God is with us and we can go forth each day with God and be the person He uses no matter how insignificant we feel.

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Author: Karen Epp

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