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Jesus chose the disciples. Simon Peter was brash and impulsive. James and John were fishing business partners with Peter. On one occasion Jesus tried to tell them how to fish and Peter was a bit offended but he did what Jesus said and caught so many fish their nets began to break. Jesus saw their potential not only as fishers of fish but as fishers of men. He knew what they could and would become.

Paul saw potential in people. In Colossians 1 he prays a prayer over the believers. This is a still a relevant prayer today.

Pray this prayer over someone you know today.


I ask that you fill _____ with the knowledge of God’s will. Give them spiritual wisdom and understanding so that they may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. May they become fully pleasing in every good work, bearing fruit and growing in the knowledge of God. May they be strengthened with every power in accordance with his glorious might for all endurance and patience.

With all joy and giving thanks to the Father who has made us fit to share in his inheritance with the holy ones, we pray.
In Jesus’ name,

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