Paul exhorts the Thessalonian believers on how they should conduct themselves to please God.  He tells them not to just do the minimum but to go  above and beyond.  Do more.

This will of God is for us to be holy.  One area is to refrain from immorality.  Our standards must be higher.  The eyes are the gateway to our soul and we are bombarded with immoral images every day through television, movies, advertising, the work place or in any public place.  We will encounter immorality that is blatant or images that plant the seed in our minds.  It is hard to refrain from the messages and that carries over into our marriages causing us to have difficulty in honoring and loving our spouses because our eyes have told us that what we have is not perfect.  Satan is still telling the lie “Did God say?” and we believe the lie.  When we disregard what God says it not only disregards a human being but it disregards God.  We don’t really believe that there is holiness in marriage.

God calls us to be holy and one area where we can purposely practice holiness is in our marriages.  We can purpose to not believe the lie that Satan puts out.  We can have holiness in our marriages.

Author: Karen Epp

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