When I think of a person who says that they are a Christian I expect to see certain things in their life.  In a sense it is judging them not to hell, but to measure if what they say is who they really are.  Scripture tell us that we will know them by their fruit and another passage tells us that sheep follow the Shepherd.  So what is the criteria that we should use.  We know that everyone is on a spiritual journey but can we see the evidence that they are seeking after God.

Paul gave some good examples to look for in I Thessalonians 2:

1.        When we suffer for Him, He gives us courage.

2.       Our motives must always be examined to make sure we are not under delusion or deception, they must be pure.

3.       Our speech must please God not men because God judges our hearts.

4.       We must not be flatterers.

5.       We must not work under the pretext of greed.

6.       We must not seek the praise of men.

7.       We must show unconditional love to others as a mother shows love to her new born baby.

If these things are evident in our lives, we are living our lives as examples of Christ in this world.  We are not perfect but we know that for others to see Him they must see evidence of Him in our lives.

Author: Karen Epp

1 thought on “Christians

  1. Karen, is a dog a dog because it barks?

    Does its behavior determine its identity?

    One could teach a child to bark but would that make him a dog?

    A dog is a dog because it was born a dog, not because it behaves like one.

    Birth determines our identity, not our behavior. If we are reborn in Christ we are a Christian. Acting like a Christian doesn’t make us one. Nor does failing to act like one alter our identity either.

    Birth, not actions, determine identity…counter to the current culture’s view of identity.

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