“Et in Arcadio ego”

In the Old covenant, if you were a sheep, you didn’t have a very bright future. You may have a shepherd, but the end result was always the same. Death. But today, the true Shepherd lays down His life for us. He dies for us so that we might live. Pretty cool thought, huh?

Dreaming of the land of Oz, isn’t reserved for Dorothy alone. Barbara Hall created a series, Joan of Arcadia, which was amazingly profound. She tapped into spiritual river that says Arcadia really exisits:

Pope Benedict writes, “Arcadia”, the land of the shepherds, became the image of paradise. In a world of inner strife, people longed for primordial wholeness. Jesus Christ speaks to this longing of his era, of every era—because ours is indeed all too similar to the one then—when he says: This Arcadia that you dream about really exists. And the good shepherd that you seek exists, for I am he!”

We all yearn for security.

Benedict writes:
“We yearn for security. Of course, not the security of a slave who does not fear because he has nothing to lose, but, rather, the security of complete freedom, the security of a real love.”

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