Meeting God

John wrote about heaven in Revelation. Something as magnificent as the city of Jerusalem coming down from heaven is beyond description. The total human view trying to explain something celestial falls short in every way except that it “gleamed with the splendor of God.” What does that mean? There are no human words. The only humanness that we get from John is that it has huge walls with 12 gates and the foundation was upon 12 stones. We can visualize that but to the next level “the splendor of God” we can’t even begin to fathom.

On a smaller scale, where God meets man, we read in the gospel the story of Jesus meeting Nathaniel. Philip brings him to Jesus and Jesus reveals to him things that only God would know about him. He was a true child of Israel. There was no duplicity in him and that Philip found him sitting under a fig tree. Nathaniel believe Jesus from those three comments. It was the supernatural encountering the natural.

We can have every day encounters with the supernatural. God is always revealing himself to us. One day when we reach the end of our earthly journey we will encounter the true supernatural heaven that earthly words can never describe, and we won’t need earthly words then because we will see it for ourselves.

Author: Karen Epp

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