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I asked Karen if she wanted to go to church. “No” was her reply. You could feel the fatigue in her voice. Since her days in Canada, Karen’s idea of a good time was to sit in the front row at a Church service with notebook in hand. As vacationing newlyweds’, we explored as many new churches we could fit into twenty-four hours. We were in love with the Church.
Thirty years later, like 75% of Americans, we were members of the “unaffiliated none.” What happened?
Like the rest of the congregation of the unaffiliated, we have had some tough experiences. A church, who hired us, fired us for doing the very things they asked us to do. Our mission statement came directly from the president of our denomination who often said, “We want everything God wants for our church.” People were healed and set free. With the help of the District Superintendent, we were set free from the “Evangelical Free Church.” Pastors who have affairs had a better chance of regaining their standing. We felt like the couple who invested all their savings in a ministry only to be hoodwinked, swindled. We lost our home and our livelihood.
People have had worse experiences in church history. Imagine you are the Anabaptist who opposed Martin Luther only to be thrown into the dungeon as you hear him sing a stanza from “A Mighty Fortress?”

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