Super Heroes

Gideon was an insignificant person in the eyes of the world (from the lowliest tribe Manasseh, the lowliest family in the tribe, and he was the lowliest in his family) and yet God chose him and He spoke to the angel of the Lord face to face.

The angel greeted him with “The Lord is with you, O champion.”  He thought he was a nobody but yet God saw him as a champion.  Gideon’s conversation with the angel revolved around where are the great deeds that God did for his people in the past.  He remembered what he had heard and how God had helped in the past, but God seem far away and to him it seemed like God had abandoned them.  The angel then delivers his message, “Gideon, God will use you to deliver the people from the Midianites.”  He was to go in the strength that he had.

God didn’t want a super hero.  He wanted to use a man who knew in his own power he could do nothing.  “Be calm, do not fear and you will not die.”  Good words to live by and the knowledge that we don’t have to make ourselves into something spiritual or special for God to use us.  Our egos should not get in God’s way to be the person He can use for the job He has at hand.

Author: Karen Epp

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