Moses and Joshua

Moses has reached the end of his life.  He is not allowed to enter the Promised Land, but God allows him to see the land.  He took Moses up on Mount Nebo and showed him the entire Promised Land.  He saw the north and south boundaries and the east and west boundaries.  And then he dies.  The Bible says that no one knows exactly where is was buried but it was in the land of Moab.

Then we are given a life snapshot look at Moses.  “He was 120 years old when he died yet his eyesight was undimmed and his vigor unabated.”  God kept him young.

The eulogy for Moses was that no prophet has ever arisen like Moses.  He knew God face to face.  No one could do signs and wonders like Moses did in the face of the angry Pharaoh.  The people grieved the death of Moses for 30 days and then Joshua takes over as the leader and he will lead the people into the Promised Land

Joshua tells the people how they will recognize God’s presence with them and it would be through the Ark of the Covenant.  They were going to start their journey into the Promised Land. This is a new generation.  They were not living when they left Egypt. They heard the stories of crossing the Red Sea but they were stories not their own experience.  They are now going to cross the Jordan River.   Joshua told them that when the priests take the Ark of the Covenant and their feet enter the water, God will hold back the water so that they can cross over on dry ground just as their parents crossed through the Red Sea on dry ground.

The differences in the two stories is that Moses lifted his arms and the waters parted.  Even though God actually moved the waters, Moses was the person God used.  This time Joshua tells them that when the Ark of the Covenant is carried to the water it will cause the waters to part.  Everyone knew the Ark was the visual picture of God.  There would be no claim of any human element in the parting of the Jordan River.  Their entry into the Promised Land is a supernatural event.

Karen Epp

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