The Lord is King.

What would it be like to be an observer in the court of the king?  Daniel describes a throne with a king and it is like nothing we have ever seen.  The king is radiant.  He is the “Ancient One.”  There is fire, a throne and thousands of people and court is convened and the books were opened.
We then have the Son of Man presented to the Ancient One and he is given the kingdom.  He is given everlasting dominion, glory, all the peoples of the world, nations and languages serve him.  It can  never be destroyed.
When Jesus begins his earthly ministry at his baptism, God the Father speaks from heaven “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Again God repeated the words at the Mountain of Transfiguration.
God the Father was telling us what He had said in heaven when the kingship was given to Jesus when He gave him  dominion over all of the earth.  We were to understand now that the Jesus who was living on the earth was still the king of heaven.

Author: Karen Epp

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