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Today’s reading:  Matthew 17

Karen is amazing.  I know her well.   I’ve been married to her for over 30 years.

Resilience?  Creative?  Passionate?   Absolutely.  But above all, she is a great mother who worked full time and successfully homeschooled two children who both graduated college with honors.

Did I mention an amazing cook?  For 32 years, she balanced her work and school schedule, with meals that would win the Food Channel’s CHOPPED.

Karen loves God.  Yes, she seeks Him in the Mount Taber experiences but what makes her a saint is how she connects with God in the wilderness.     The great thing about Karen is she hears God’s voice regardless of what denomination is speaking it.

Journey to Faith is a phrase God gave to Karen.  It’s her statement of faith but more than that it’s her love letter to God.   Karen is as the song says, “Raises people up to more than they can be.”

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