Visual Reminders

Scripture has been provided as a book of Remembrance.  We read our Bibles to see God’s creation, to see God’s deliverance of the children of Israel, the rise and fall of the kings of Israel, the prophets, Daniel in the lion’s den, the fiery furnace, the coming of the Messiah our Savior and his death and resurrection that paid the price for our sin.

God speaks to us often about remembering where we have come from, remembering God’s goodness to us, and remembering God’s work in our lives.

God gives a list of events that the children of Israel must remember:

1.       Passover–where God delivered them from Egyptian slavery.  They were to remember this for 7 days.

2.       Harvest-where they were to bring the first fruits of their harvest.

3.       Day of Atonement-where they were to bring sacrifices for their sins to be offered to God for their forgiveness.

4.       Festival of Booths-where they were to bring sacrifices and to do no work for 7 days.

These were visual reminders of what God had done for them, but the people were to do their part in bringing offerings, not working and turning their hearts back to God.

Author: Karen Epp

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