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People who are often mentioned in the Bible have only a few verses that tell their story but it is…

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Mary Power

Why is the modern Evangelical so afraid of the Virgin Mary? For some, allowing Mary access to your prayer list…

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Joy to the World

The prophetic words in Zephaniah 3 can be read by us as “fulfilled.” Fear not. Do not be discouraged. The…

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Don’t Miss the Blessing

The Lord spoke to Ahaz and said, “Ask for a sign from the Lord,” (Isaiah 7) Ahaz answered, “I will…

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Two Miracle Conceptions

If you are barren and want a baby and an angel appears to you and says you will have a…

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Nothing is Impossible

In Isaiah 7, Ahaz discounts the prophetic, displays contempt unwilling to believe God. In Luke 1, Mary embraces the power…

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The Past is Past

Old Testament prophetic scriptures about the coming Messiah spoke of it in terms of the past “out of the land…

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The Good Life

What does it take to have a good life? Many people define a good life as wealth, status, notoriety, or…