Your Words

Psalm 19 says, The Law of the Lord is perfect refreshing the wisdom to the simple...they are right rejoicing the heart. Many people just bristle when they see or hear the Ten Commandments. They want them taken down from every public place. What is so offensive about those words? What makes people so angry? [...]


There is a danger in telling God how spiritual you are. God desires to see a humble heart. The people in Isaiah's time were told that outwardly they appeared to be just and following God. They were doing the right "things" and wanted God to recognize that and to answer their prayers for what they [...]

Choose Life

You are given an option-life and prosperity or death and doom. Which do you choose? It seems like a no-brainer but we are often given that same choice and we choose death and doom. Why would we do that? Moses told the people how to make the right choices-obey the commandments of the Lord, love [...]