Jesus, the New Temple

Sunday's Readings Thanks to mom and dad, Samuel finds himself in God's temple.   The good news, this where God lives.  The bad news, this is where the womanizing priests, Hophini and Phineas lived.   As St Paul said to the Corinthians, even if you are a priest in God's temple, if you immoral, you forfeit God's [...]

Dusty Avenue

Matthew Levi 34 Dusty Avenue Capernaum Galilee (011) 972-2-6707211 Job Objective: A highly competent Revenue Collector where outstanding bottom-line personality with complete devotion to Caesar. Highlights of Qualifications: • Valuable experience in collection of revenue for government industry • Sound knowledge of Roman tax collection laws, regulations and policies • Profound knowledge Roman Collection [...]


“Ideas are interesting, but people are vastly more so. You should make your choices as though you were choosing on behalf of the whole of humanity,” Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails Presumption and despair are enemies of the Christian. Unfortunately, they have friends of mine for years. Like the [...]