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Joseph, Ahaz and Me

In the Old Testament,  you knew everything was cool between you and the Lord if you were called just.  A…

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The Faith of a Grandfather Clock

  For 350 years, scientists have been scratching their heads why grandfather clocks sync within 30 minutes.   Christian Huygens, the…

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Abraham’s Opposite

During Abraham’s journey to faith,  he “become extremely wealthy in livestock and silver and gold” (cf. Genesis 13).   Jesus warned, “Take care to guard…

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Abraham’s Heroes

Each time God raises up a missionary to an unreached nation, father Abraham must be all smiles thinking, “I have…

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Silent Partners

  “The Lord Jesus appointed seventy-two disciples whom he sent ahead of him in pairs” (Luke 10)  God loves pairs. …

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Happy Birthday Ignatius

Ignatius of Antioch hailed from Syria.   The Apostle John taught Ignatius the basics of the faith.  Ignatius’ confidence in God’s…

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Be A Sign

The most popular scene in early Christian art is Jonah reclining naked under a gourd.  Rarely, do the early Christians…

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Time to Choose

Imagine if Jesus’ mother said “yes” to Gabriel’s request but instead of obeying, she decided to go about her own…