Look and Live

  The children of Israel are weary of the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land and they begin complaining against Moses their leader. "Why did you bring us out of Egypt? We are sick of this food." God becomes angry with their ungratefulness and brings swift punishment. He sends venomous snakes and may people [...]

Jesus and Passover

When Jesus was twelve years old, we are told of the time that his family travelled to Jerusalem for Passover.  We gather that there was a large caravan that travelled from Nazareth to Jerusalem for the feast.  When Passover was completed they started back to Nazareth.  Mary and Joseph thought that Jesus was with friends [...]

Who is Jesus?

"He cannot be the Christ because we know where he is from and when Christ comes, no one will know where he is from." That reasoning is from the talkers in Jerusalem. They knew the gossip. The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus and yet there he was in Jerusalem openly walking around like he [...]


  Jesus is being hunted. Everything he says makes them mad. They are mad that he broke the Sabbath. They are mad that He calls God his Father and that makes him equal with God. They are on a mission to destroy Jesus. Jesus speaks the them and begins to explain who he really is. [...]